Oh Hey.

Hey! So I’m going to try blogging just to start something new…so no promises that i’ll keep this up. Lets see…where to start…well how about I start here and input backstories when needed. Cool? Cool.

Less than a week till I go back to CA (born and raised) with J (boyfriend) to visit family and just relax. It will be nice to finally go on Vacation and jump into the ocean for some heat relief! They say it is record setting heat everywhere west of Salt Lake City. However, it seems like it’s record setting heat everywhere. We planned to go to Disneyland for our One Year Anniversary, but that plan is a bust since tickets nowadays cost an arm and a leg and a signed promise for my first born child. So instead we will be a couple of beach bums and go out to some seafood restaurant. Nothing sounds better then sand, tan, water and getting full off of shrimp!

Oh! Oh! Today something exciting happened! I finally got my passport in the mail. After months of waiting and finding out my birth certificate was wrong (had the wrong birth year…or so I hope it’s wrong and i’m not). So with that said, I am ready for my vacation in August to…wait for it…CAMBODIA! I get asked a lot why I want to go there, it is real simple, it’s going to be legend-wait-for-it-dary! Serious, all those temples i’ll be able to see and explore, how to catch a frog then cook it, ride an elephant through the jungle! Sounds like an epic adventure to me. And this will be the first time i’ll be traveling outside the country so i’m a bit nervous. Luckily, J is an experienced traveler so i’ll just do what he does and never leave his side!

Okay, i’m out of things to type about and it’s time to make dinner!