Don’t say sorry, Congratulate me.

Once upon a time there was a girl who got married then got divorced. The end.

–Wait– theres more to that story I know it…oh yes, now i remember.

She was in love–or so she thought..well maybe she wanted to be in love. So bad she just about endured the worst years she has ever had. Verbal abuse was something very common in this marriage. One Valentine’s Day she come home to a messy house and no hurt her feelings and made her cry. He looked at her while she was crying and said,

“oh is your life really that bad?!”

and walked away. No, “I’m so sorry” “Let me make it up to you” Nothing.

He made her feel like crap every day. He would go through her phone on a daily basis, asked who she was talking to. If she was having a conversation with a man he would accuse her of cheating. Even having a conversation with his own brothers…he would tell her talking with them was inappropriate. But they way he would say it was so harsh…”Oh thats cool why don’t you sleep with him already” What would compel a grown man to say such vulgar things? Nonetheless, she felt trapped.

Whenever she told him she was leaving he would say,

“Good luck, nobody will ever want you. You’re trash”

He would say it so many times she began believing him. She stopped talking to her friends because he told her they were bad people and told her her relationship with her family was inappropriate. She began to feel as if she was on auto pilot.

He went away for a few months on a military training. He’d never return her call or texts. Tell her his phone died…yadda yadda yadda. So one day she checked the phone bill and there, number after number, text after text, where proof that he’d be lying and avoiding her. So she called that number and asked what was going on, I girl answered and she knew right away that he was having an affair. Weeks pass and he comes home and she confronts him and he denies it, and actually turns it around and gets mad at her for going through their phone records. She was so stupid and so desperate not to be alone she let it go.

Till he left again. She found proof of an online affair and she confronted him yet again about it. And he again got mad at her for going through his things.

Now i know what you’re thinking, she should have left for the door as soon as possible. But she was stuck. She was so emotionally damaged that she was afraid of the world.

Till one day he came home and admitted he had an affair the most current time he left and all the others before.

She did not shed one. single. tear. 

Instead, she packed her bags and asked for a divorce. She was no longer afraid of the world. She realized she was worthy of love and happiness and no matter how many mistakes she made, she was going to be happy and to be loved properly.

Good thing she did realize that. Because eventually she met an amazing man. A man so wonderful, he made every single bad memory disappear.

“Even in the Darkest of Nights, the Stars Still Shine Bright”

Good thing I kept looking at the stars.